10 Hidden Beaches of Malibu to Visit in 2023

Lee LaPlante April 16, 2023


10 Hidden Beaches of Malibu to Visit in 2023

Whether you’re looking for easy access or are open to nature’s adventures, you’ll find Malibu has secluded beaches ready to meet your needs. Like the rest of the city, the laid-back atmosphere permeates the salt-misted air on the water. You’ll be surrounded by beauty and the city’s favorite accessory — exclusivity.

There’s never a bad day for a beach day in Malibu. The only problem is all of the crowds. Luckily this beautiful little city is full of incredible beaches hidden from the flocks of tourists. Discover all the favorite local spots, and enjoy the pristine beaches with a sense of serenity and peace. You may wonder if you’re still in LA.

Malibu Road

When it comes to hidden beaches, Malibu Road may seem the least obscure. When you venture to the sand, you’ll find a beach without throngs of tourists or crowds of bodies to avoid. You’ll find at least five moderately easy access points, though some light rock climbing is involved. Don’t fear; you won’t need your chalk or climbing shoes. This is an adventure even a novice can enjoy.

Parking on Malibu Road makes the walk from your car to the beach the shortest of any of the hidden gems. To find the beach, head north on Malibu Road until you pass the Ralphs, where the first access point is located. This is the best spot for surfers looking to catch a wave without waiting in line. Further down the road, the waves are calmer and more inviting to small ones and families. You’ll find a long sandy beach providing plenty of room to spread out or create distance from the ocean and running toddlers.


Latigo is the perfect beach to learn to surf or perfect your technique. It is a source of incredible waves without needing to coordinate with crowds of surfers. The supremely exclusive beach features a practical bouncer through Latigo Shore Drive’s security guard. If you don’t belong to the community or have the right connections, don’t risk parking on their heavily patrolled street.

Instead, take a scenic walk along Pacific Coast Highway until you reach the public staircase. It’s a quick walk down, a warm-up to your workout in the ocean. While the access is relatively easy, the security guard and less than-obvious stairway down maintain Latigo’s seclusive nature.

Point Dume

While the iconic lookout point may seem too famous to be home to a secluded beach in Malibu, you’ll find the stairway oddly empty. Poor parking in the area may contribute to the lack of beachgoers or the long trek down the stairs. Whatever’s keeping the crowds away, you’ll soon hope it never changes. As you likely know from peeping over the horizon, Point Dume is a breathtaking sight. Climbing down the stairs, you’ll feel your heartbeat quicken as the beautiful scenery unfolds around you. There’s no better walk to enjoy the myriad colors in a Malibu sunset. Watch the whales from the lookout point, then swim in the same waters with them. Point Dume is so much more than a pretty spot. It’s an adventure waiting for you.

Broad Beach

If you love the waves of Luma but hate the crowds, Broad Beach is the spot in Malibu. Secluded beaches aren’t just here for the beauty of nature. They’re an opportunity to have the ocean all to yourself. Surf the best wave in every set and feel the serene solitude of floating around in the endless sea of water by yourself.

Breaking the trance of this tranquil destination, you may wonder how a spot with waves as big as Luma stays hidden. Broad Beach connects to Luma, hence the similarity in currents. Yet it’s distant enough from the popular destination to maintain its exclusivity.


Hidden from the world by land and water sits Lechuza Beach, a secluded little haven in the ever-busy Malibu landscape. It’s a cove away from the rest of the world, with gentle waters lapping lazily at the shoreline. Its natural landscape protects it from wind, creating a peaceful calm along the beach.

You can find Lechuza by driving past Broach Beach on Broad Beach Road until you pass Bunnie Lane. You should see a coastal access point on the left side of the road covered by an archway of tree branches. It’s between Broad Beach and Trancas Point, but a separation in the land makes it impossible to walk from one beach to the other. This likely helps keep the beach secluded.


Staircase may be questionably within the county’s line, but it’s one of Malibu’s secluded beaches you don’t want to skip from the list. If you’re looking for a private place away from the rush of the city, somewhere with a quiet sense of calm, there’s no better beach than Staircase. The picturesque setting is the perfect place to cultivate a sense of peace. It’s also a stunning backdrop for your next photoshoot, and the seclusion helps guarantee a clear shot. Access to the beach is easy and relatively easy to find if you know where to look.

Staircase is immediately north of Lee Carrillo State Beach after you pass the Ventura County Line. Look out for a tree hanging over PCH on the left, where a practically hidden parking lot awaits you. The lot’s near a mailbox marked 40000 with a staircase on the far side leading to the beach. You’ll find no crowds and utter beauty waiting for you just down those stairs.


Heavens is connected to Staircase but is even easier to access. It’s completely submerged in nature, a practical reserve on the beach. As if this glorious sight of natural beauty didn’t have enough going for it, it’s a dog-friendly beach. Come for the social hour to let your furry friend play with other dogs. It’s a leashed beach, so there is no running freely, but the animal-friendly aspect is a significant plus for those with pups. Despite the social hour, Heavens maintains a sense of privacy as you relax on the beach, practically secluded from anyone else.

To get to the beach, head south from Staircase until you see the path to the beach marked by the “Dogs on Leach” sign. From here, it’s a short and easy walk down to the shore for your and your favorite animal friend’s secluded experience.

El Sol Beach

El Sol Beach is the perfect place for a dip in the stunning waters of the Pacific Ocean. The water’s a bit calmer here, making it easy to swim along the shore. There’s no direct public access, but there are a few ways down for those in the know.

El Sol Beach is between Canyon County Beach and El Pescador State Beach. You may know it by the local nickname Disney Overlook, coined due to Michael Eisner’s opposition to the construction of public access. That aside, the beach is an incredible spot to feel secluded from the rest of the world. It’s a 20-minute walk down the coast from Nicholas Canyon County Beach or El Pescador State Beach. There are some nearby camping spots if the beauty inspires you, so you never want to leave. For the day trip, you’ll find nearby hiking off Solstice Canyon, and if you’re really up for an adventure, check out the ancient Chumash cave paintings. You won’t find El Sol Beach on a map, but if you’re up for the walk, you won’t be disappointed.

Little Dume

Around the corner from Big Dume is Little Dume, where the best access is during low tide. If you don’t mind getting your feet wet to get there or climbing over rocks, it’s a short trip to this exclusive little spot. Enjoy excellent surfing, consider the local luxury real estate flanking the beach, and explore tidepools.

Direct access is available for residents; otherwise, park near Paradise Cove Cafe. The tides' movement dramatically impacts how much beach there is and how easy it is to access, so it’s best to come during low tide. It’s a 10-15 minute walk from the cafe if you want to avoid clambering over rocks; otherwise, the distance between Little and Big Dume is slightly shorter.

Pirate’s Cove

Possibly the West Coast's most striking beach, framed by the ubiquitous Malibu cliffs, sits Pirate’s Cove. This remarkable shore is best known for the final scene in Planet of the Apes. Despite Pirate Cove’s claim to fame, the beach remains a private cove. Explore the secluded hiking trails to Westward Beach and the nature reserve atop the bluffs.

While it’s connected to Point Dume, the beach’s hidden away in a remote spot off the shore. It’s likely one of the most challenging beaches to get to on the list, but if you decide to make the trip, you won’t be disappointed.

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